Blockly Codelabs

This directory is where the Blockly codelabs are authored and stored. You can browse hosted codelabs at

Creating a new Codelab

In order to create a new Codelab, create a new directory and copy into it. Give your Codelab a meaningful name, and update the Codelab metadata which can be found at the top of the markdown file. This includes details such as a summary, id, categories, and tags. The id field must be unique across all Blockly Codelabs.

The sample Codelab runs you through how to author a Codelab using markdown.

You can find additional details on the Codelab Markdown Formatting Guide

Adding assets

Put your image assets associated with your codelab in the same folder as your markdown file. Any images you add can be linked from the Codelab using:



Sample Codelab

Codelab Markdown Formatting Guide